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Wanna wish a beautiful and nice good morning to your friends, relatives and loved ones, choose a nice sms message from the vast collection of sms2night good morning sms and send to your friends now.
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love Joy and forgiveness
New day new blessings.
Dont let yesterdays failures ruin the beauty of 2day,
becoz each day has its own promise of luv, joy, 4giveness.....
Good Morning...
A good morning wish
We're not too close in distance.
We're not too near in miles.
But text can still touch our hearts
thoughts can bring us smiles.
Good morning!
Anger shoudnt be in heart
A short n True Message for Life:
"Care should b in Heart and not in Words".
"Anger should b in Words and not in Heart"..!
Good morning . . . .
Have a smiling good morning sms
Knock! Knock!
May I come into ur world?
I bring no flowers,
no gifts
but wishes to keep u fresh,
prayers to keep u healthy
& luv to keep u smiling.
Gud Morning!
Morning wish with a nice day greetings
Morning greetings doesn't only mean saying Good Morning,
it has a silent message saying:

I remember you when I wake up!
****Have a nice day*****
Wishing you a nice day
Dear Customer,
Your remaining

Sleeping time

Has Expired!!!!!!

Leave ur Bed
& Get up!!!!
Say to all

Have a Very Nice Day!!!!
Good Morning Message for Good Person
A good message for a good person,
From a good friend for a good reason,
At a good time on a good day in a good mood to say

"Good Morning"
Have A Nice Morning
Blue be the sky above you,
Soft be the road below you,
Affection be the breeze around you,
I pray all the happiness surrounds you.
Good Morning.
Have a Frooty Morning
Have a FROOTY day…
Hello Good Morning
The Word "Hello" means
H=How R U?
E=Everything all right?
L=Like 2 hear 4rm U.
L=Love 2 C U soon.
O=Obviously, I miss you!
Good Morning my freind
A warm greetings
A warm hello doesn't come from the lips,
It comes from the heart,
Doesn't have to be told,
It has to be shown,
Doesn't have to be given,
It has to be sent.
"Good Morning"
Suger Coated Morning Sms
A big hello n GuuuuuuuD morning 2 my Sweet loving suger coated choco mallow milky shaky honey dipped cheeze melting orange juicy fruti spicy icy peanut friend.
Morning Sms With Kiss and Hug
A night hug warms the heart,
A night kiss brightens the day,
And a good morning to start your day!
Morning Wish with LOVE + HAPPINESS + PEACE
Early this morning God gave me three baskets of
told me to share them with PPL Dear 2 me.
I'm sharing all with yoU,
Gud Mrng!
Passionate Morning Message
Each morning we will
watch the sunrise,
While we are wrapped
in each other's arms,
Good Morning
A Good Morning Prayer
A prayer can go where I cannot go.
Through Prayers i can be with you
without being There.
I may be miles away
but my prayers
Will always be with You…

Good morning..
A Fresh New Day for you - a Morning Sms
Above the dark horizon soon
new light rays will appear.
They signify to all the world
a fresh new day is here
Good Morning!
Sun Is Up
Good Morning! Good Morning!
The sun is up and shining bright.
Boy, I wish I was still in bed,
With my eyes closed tight!
Have a great day
A Blessing, start of life
A Morning is a Wonderful Blessing, Either Cloudy or Sunny.
It stands for Hope, giving us another start of what we call Life.
Have a Good Morning & Day
Have a colorful morning
Life is like a Book:
Each day a new page wd adventures to experience,
lessons 2 learn and good deeds to replicate.
Have a COLORFUL PAGE today
Good Morning
Be Like Waves
WAVES are INSIPIRING, not bcoz they RISE-N-FALL;
but bcoz each time de FALL,
de never fail to RISE AGAIN!
Wish you the same!Good Morning
A cute good morning wish
Open your eyes! So the SUN can rise,Flowers can blossom....
Birds can sing, Becoz all are waiting to see your
Beautiful Smile
Good Morning.....
Have a good moring and great day
Never blame any day in your life.
Good days give u happiness,
Bad days give u experience.
Worst days give u a lesson.

Have a good morning and great day ahead.
A good morning and nice day wish in urdu
With a great light of sun
With the songs of birds
With the great Azaan of Masjid
With the Quraan
With the happiness
With a great smile
And with the morning prayer
Have a nice day
A Nice Good Morning Wish
Every new day
Is a new chapter of life
Bringing new topics
New moments 4 life
I wish 2day all the good
Moments approach
Why to make your day joyful Good A.M :)
Good Morning and Good Day Sms
Shadow of yesterday have faded away
Sun has reappeared its a brand new day

Birds singing their song loud & clear
Announcing to the world a new day is here

Wishing you contentment and peace along the way
Good morning and have a good day
Morning Sms Greetings
Every bad situation will have sum thing +ve
Even a stopped Clock is correct to times a day...
Think of this and lead your life and be happy Good Morning

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