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Naughty Sms
A Girl Phoned Me The Other Day And Said: Come On Over, There's Nobody Home. I Went Over. Nobody Was...
Naughty jokes sms
Lady techr: chup raho nhi to pakad kar khada kar dungi!..

All the students started shouting..

'pehle mera'
'pehle mera'
Naughty Sms Jokes
R u Mail or Femail
Answer k liye
nechay dekho
Bewakoof yahan nahe
apne nechay dekho
Naughty Messages
us ne kaha or dabao..
main dabaya..
us ne kaha or dabao..
main ne or dabaya..
us ne kaha baniyan nikal do phir dabao..
main ne phir dabaya..
us ne kaha pant bhi nikal do phir dabao..
main ne phir dabaya dekha ho gya na suit-case band
Naughty Sayings
Raat ko karo gey to SuSt raho gey.....
Din ko karo gey to ChuSt Raho gey...
Kartey raho gey to TanDrusT Raho gey...
Naughty Poem/poetry in hindi
Tum Door Sahi Majboor Sahi Per Yaad Tumhari Ati Hai
Tum Saans Wahaan Per Letey Hoo Badboo Yahaan Tuk Ati Hai.
Ab Chota Closeup Sirf Paanch Rupey main.
Naughty sms in hindi
Is Msg Ko Raat Ko Parhna Raat Ko Parh Lena Kya Jaldi Hai? Kaha Na Raat Ko Parhna Mujhe Pata Tha Tum Nahi Rokogey Es Lye Msg Bhi Raat Ko Bhejunga
Height of chillness
HEIGHT OF Chillness: Entering Late In The Class Without Permision & Saying To Mam . . . . SWEETIE, CARRY ON. DON'T STOP FOR ME ;)
Height of dreaming
Height Of Dreaming !
"Mr. Bill Gates" Came To Me And Asked, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Oye Yar, Tere Paas XP Ki CD Ho...
Height of Patriotism
Heights Of Patriotism : U Sitting On An English Toilet In Indian Style
Height of Confidence
Height of Confidence A Cycle Rider Puts Sudden Break infornt of a Bus & Shouts at the bus Driver "Abe Marne k Liye Meri he Cycle Mili"?
Height of Bad Luck
"HIEGHT OF BADLUCK" A Person Who Dials A Number (Written Wid Lipstick On A Phone Booth) & . . . . . His Wife Recieve D Phone! :-D
Height of Browsing
Height Of Browsing? U R Swimming In The Water Tank And Shout "F1 F1 F1?" Instead Of Shouting "Help" When U Are Unable To Swim...
Height of Sophistication
Height Of Sophistication Suckking Nipples With Straw.
Height of Technology
Height Of Technology Condom With Zip
Height Of Isolation
Two Persons Sitting Side By Side Using sMS To Communicate With Each Other
Naughty and flirty sms
This my most beautiful SMS for you
If you read you owe me a HUG,
If you delete you Owe me a kiss,
If you save you owe me a DATE,
If you return text message to me,
You OWE me All,
But if you ignore,
You are MINe!
So wat will You do?
Naughty Saying
Always remember:
When a girl cancels a date
it is because She "Has To"
When a boy cancels a date
it si becasuse He "Has Two"

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