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A famous sms quote about relationship
Good Relations doesn't need
any promises any terms or conditions..

it just need two wonderful people.
One cool like me..
one sweet like u!
A beautiful relationship quote
Relationship is like a violin,

Music may stop now n then,

But strings are attached forever.

So if u r in touch or not,
U r always remembered.
Good relationships are like trees
Good relationships are like trees
They demand attention & care in the beginning
but once they blossoms
they provide U shade in all situations of life
A relationship sms
Good Relations don't need any promises,
terms or conditions,
it just needs two wonderful people-
"one who can trust and one who can understand"
Value of relation
"Value of relation"
is not that how much you feel happy with some one . .
But it is that
how much some one feels ALONE without you!!
Why relationships fail
Most relationships fail not bcoz of d absense of love..
Love is always present..
It just that 1 loves too much..
And the other loves too many..!!
Sign of true relation
Speaking without bluffness,
Loving without intentions,
Caring without expectations,
Praying without selfishness is d sign of
True Relations
What is relationship
Relationship Is Not How Long U Have Been 2gether
Not How Much U Have Given Or Received
Not How Many Times U Have Helped Each Other,
Its How U "VALUE" One Another
Romantic relationship sms
Relationships r those spl moments 2gether, those laughs u hv 2gether,
those secrets u shared, those promises made in d heart,
those days u wait 2 meet, those million sorry's u said,
those stolen smiles & small fights, those msgs in d inbox u just cnt delete.
An emotional relationship saying
Relationship is not just a word,
Not merely a friendship, It's a silent commitment,
Which says, I'll be with u..
What Relation is
RELATION is when someone hurts u,
u don't hurts back

When someone shouts at u,
u don't shout back.


when someone needs u,
u always come back..
A Nice saying about Relationship
Relation & Medicine play the same role in our life.
Both care for us in pain...

The only difference is that relationship has no expiry date.

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